AWS Solutions Architect

Course Overview

AWS Solutions Architect

Digital Nest offers AWS training in Hyderabad, India which is one of the most promising technologies of the recent times, started in the year 2006 with a vision to service the clients in the best possible way by offering the best IT infrastructure. All the services of AWS are provided in the form of web services which is also called cloud computing. This technology has been able to enhance the performance of business activities at comparably very low costs and also delivers the results as fast as possible.

Amazon Web Services

Digital Nest provides Amazon Web Services Training in Hyderabad in the most comprehensive manner to ensure that the students deploy highly-scalable applications through AWS.

Course Structure

The course at the AWS training institute in Hyderabad is designed in a way that the students get the maximum knowledge with the support of our highly-skilled training team. Below are our course modules:

  • AWS platform introduction
  • AWS architectural principles
  • AWS services optimization
  • Transferring apps to the cloud
  • Learning database and security needs
  • Positioning the framework for the best AWS solution

Advantages of Learning Amazon Web Services Course in Hyderabad

AWS course helps to increase knowledge in the following key areas and concepts:

  • AWS and cloud computing
  • AMI creation and EBS persistent storage
  • Using Amazon Storage services - S3, Route 53, AWS EC2, AWS S3
  • Visualization of Amazon Scaling Services and auto-scaling
  • Specializing in identifying and attaining management techniques
  • Understanding the use of multiple AWS
  • Managing resource lifecycle
  • AWS architecture and best design practices
  • Working capability on real-time projects